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I ate a chicken sandwich yesterday, and it tasted like....lobster

...yummy?? D:
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Yar....I need to update more..... T__T
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Tagged by :icongingashi:
Hmm...I don't think I've ever done one of these things before....interesting!
Here goes nothing in no particular order

The rules:
1. You have to post the rules
2. Every person tagged has to write 10 things about themselves
3. You have to write them in your journal
4. After that, tag 5 more people
5. Go to that person's page and tell them about it

1). I am pretty paranoid when it comes to securing my apartment or home before I go to sleep. I tend to lock the door and check that the stove is off multiple times before I can feel safe and go to bed. I also do this when I set my alarm. I've even checked my power strip to see if any of the plugs are hanging loose before. It is annoying as heck, but it is the only way I can feel safe and know that nothing bad will happen to me or my roommates/family when I go to sleep.

2). I am a very passionate and informative gamer. Although I don't have as much time as I'd like to play the games that I want nowadays. As I continue to grow up, my priorities change and games have taken a back seat to other things such as school work, friends and aspirations. Still, I am always reading up on game sites and tend to be in the know about game hypes, release dates, and such.

3). I enjoy choreographing fight scenes in my head. I will usually do this when I am drawing out a personal character or when I am trying to fall asleep. Hopefully I can one day animate my own fight scene in 3d!

4). I aspire to be a great 3d animator! I am not too proficient in modeling, but I am very confident in my animation skills. I am very proud that I can be so confident in something. It gives me hope and happiness, and it continues to help advance my skill level in animation. I believe that one day I can get into Pixar! XD

5). One of my secondary aspirations is to be a director. Although when I think about it, I am extremely intimidated by the sheer amount of money, work, creativity and man hours put into making one movie. I have thought about taking film classes after I graduate college, but I am not too sure if that will happen.

6). I am always working on having a better memory and becoming more emotionally intelligent. I absolutely hate it when I leave something out, feel stupid, or do something stupid. XD

7). I love movies that punch you in the face with raw emotion and character development. "Oldboy" and "Collateral" in particular, are bruises I'm willing to keep. There are other movies as well, but too many to list here....

8). This one is weird, but I think I am pretty good at pronouncing and spelling words, haha. I always used to ace my spelling quizzes...

9). I LOVE TAKOYAKI. I would probably be willing to do some bad things to get me some takoyaki balls....heheheh. If you've never tried takoyaki, please do yourself a favor and order some at a japanese restaurant that makes them. One bite and you will melt, I promise.

10). I also enjoy teaching. I have taught as an art instructor before, and I feel that I have a gift for teaching others. There is something quite satisfying about it. It makes me feel like I'm being a better person, and I enjoy the bonds that are created.

If you read through all that, then go buy yourself a cookie. You sure as heck earned it. :)

I hereby tag: :icondaeart:
...and that's it. because anyone that I was thinking of tagging is not using deviantart anymore or I don't really know who they are. O_o;;  
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Haven't updated here in a while...Welp, not anymore. Wee.
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